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Trash on Beach

Things do matter. Let's put them to good use. 

Our activities benefit the global and local community by reducing waste, contributing to the circular economy and promoting environmental sustainability. This is an essential part of tackling the global warming problem as well as slowing down the depletion of natural resources. 

Pollution and the exploitation of natural resources are complex global issues, many aspects of which have to be tackled locally.

Our mission is to keep items in circulation for as long as possible in order to protect the global environment and support local communities.

Our vision is to build sustainability centres where local people and businesses can donate unwanted goods for the purpose of creating innovative and creative ways of reusing them for the purpose of protecting environment as well as creating new work and training placements for local people.

Join us in our efforts to help reduce waste.

A Cleaner and Healthier Environment

All material goods that are manufactured, sold and purchased consume natural resources, also all processes of creating and distributing new goods are in many ways polluting. At the same time, existing goods which are still in good condition are being too often sent to the landfill despite being able to serve their function much longer or they can be easily repurposed.

Disposal of items in usable condition creates more unnecessary pollution which has a negative impact on the environment and subsequently human wellbeing. Our work will contribute to keeping the environment cleaner and healthier.

Awareness and Empowerment

There is a shortage of suitable facilities that can assist (and therefore encourage) citizens in donating items they no longer need. This is amplified by the shortage of awareness campaigns supporting people’s understanding of the inappropriate disposal of items, and the impact their shopping habits have on the state of the planet.

We aim to create the right conditions which allow us to combine those two and as a result empower citizens to take care of their local and global environment.

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